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Jake: Well, Jane’s already said that she has no romantic interest in me, so Dirk! we’d have a jolly good time adventuring together!

Jane: Hamburger is the most delicious! hoo hoo hoo! :B

TT: Probably Roxy.

GG: Golly gosh, I’m getting pretty sick of everyone being happy and not me! If I cant be happy, then no one can.


Roxy: we r jus a big bitch of cuties



fuk it

TT: In all honesty, its a bit of a clusterfuck.

TT: Sometimes, Jane makes things more difficult than it already is… and more difficult than necessary.

Roxy: Most of th tiem its jaek and dick, but janey gets liek rly but hurt when evr i touch jakey

Jane: Well, I think I am!

Roxy: don be rediculus janey, im obvi doin more work then u are 

Ask is open!

TG: drik and jake r in distress lmfao

TG: *dkir

TG: *dick

TG: lol